Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some of Us (A Tolerance Poem)

All the children in school looked like us.
The teachers dressed like our moms and dads
and spoke like our aunts and uncles.
They lived on our streets and worshipped in our church.
They approved of the way we were being raised.
On TV we saw folks who lived in towns like ours.
Their children learned the same lessons
we learned in Sunday School,
and everyone we knew had a Christmas tree.

We went to college and met more friends
who looked, acted, and sounded like us,
but when we grew up, some of us noticed that
everyone didn't have the same life.
As we opened our minds we recognized a whole world
full of diverse people and we discovered
we were in a teeny, tiny minority on the planet
in the way we dress, worship, think, believe, speak
and behave, and some of us learned to coexist
with those unlike us and we learned tolerance
which was something we never were required
to do in our Mayberry towns.

But some of us continued to believe that our way
was the only right way and everyone else in the world was wrong.
Some of us became angry and intolerant of those
wrong people, and now when some of us watch TV
we listen to other angry people telling us we are right
and everyone else is wrong, and yet -
all those wrong people continue to exist as they
always have and always will - in every corner of the earth
whether we disaprove or not, and they will never change
because of anger or intolerance or hatred or disrespect.

So, all that righteous anger is a sad waste of energy
because the "right way" is only a teeny, tiny minority
of God's good creation,a small piece of the billions of humans
He's created, and it is God who must tolerate our small minds
in the light of the vast and changing universe He made.


Jan said...

Wonderful ending.

Anonymous said...
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jessy said...

Wow. I hope that small minded person will take a baby step and read this.

Susan said...

Love the poem. All the small mindness out there really doesn't help things.