Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

If you don't belive in something greater than yourself, you'll never do anything greater than yourself.
(quote from a nun on Oprah)

Give Thanks

When you take a breath, your lungs filling,
your heart pulsing with your life
give thanks
for the daily unending gift.

When you gaze upward at the untouchable sky
give thanks
for it is infinite and awesome
beyond human imagination.

When you look into the eyes of someone you love
and see those eyes looking back at you
give thanks
for only a loving God could create and sustain that love.

When you sit at a table with an abundance
of food for your taking
give thanks
for you are among the privileged on this Earth.

When you look up from your day, your life,
your fears and sorrows
give thanks
and remember God.

1 comment:

Rob-bear said...

There are so many opportunities to give thanks; I regret that I miss a lot of them.

You provide a wonderful reminder.