Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Day 2016


By Diane Vogel Ferri

I do not believe in living in fear, but fear 
is trapped under my skin this election day

half of us drowning in stunned disbelief
for this turn in democracy to 

the power of groupthink, denial, bigotry
and the intolerance of a bully

teaching our children what we never
want them to be

it’s not about opinion or party
but the danger of a demagogue

a lover of war and hater of immigrants
without knowledge or experience

an abuser of women, a bankrupt failure
a cheater at marriage, a childish name caller

the gullibility of America
is on display for the world to laugh at

journalists question the impossibility of this day
with no explanation or comfort

like never before messages of despair
flood our lines of communication in collective grief

for the America we thought we knew
not one of bombs and walls and the reversal of human rights

but one of We the People, the melting pot of the world
where others once wanted to come for a better life


Susan Thomas said...

Love it. Beautifully written as always.

alphabet soup said...

Poetry is such a powerful medium for conveying a point of view.
Thank you Dianne

Ms Soup