Friday, January 6, 2017

Another Week, Another Shooting in America

When in Italy this fall I heard this unsolicited impression of America more than once: TOO MANY GUNS. 

Today it is a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport. At least five innocent people are dead.  


There are not enough thoughts and prayers
worldwide to silence the breaking news
to give the President one more adjective for horror
to stop the cities from bleeding
and the suicide people from succeeding

There are not enough thoughts and prayers 
worldwide to collectively choose love over fear
tolerance over hatred, life over death
to save innocent black men and law enforcers
to end the onslaught of fatherless children

There are not enough thoughts and prayers
to uncover prostrate bodies in blood-filled streets
to quiet the sirens of terror
to restore humanity to humankind
or ever help us feel safe in a crowd again

There is enough media outrage and time to express
our sacred opinions on toy guns, assault rifles, Muslims
police officers, black men, gay people, public bathrooms, 
all lives matter, but our freedom gives us supreme access to hate
God help us as we think and pray

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