Friday, August 10, 2018

Breaking Babies

You are breaking them, those children in cages
with their aluminum foil blankets in their obscene days.

You have damaged innocent psyches 
in your static apathy and campaign promises.

Your evangelical leaders now preach the Bad News
as if Jesus would not let the children come to Him.

They are under the same stars as you,
lights of the future, those crying orphans.

You can turn away and amuse yourselves
with the scandal of the day but they will

always be with you, somewhere in your brain,
God is watching, waiting for your pro-life response.

Their brown eyes see all, know all, in the
cruel world you’ve left to them, irreversible

memories, irretrievable childhoods, mothers
with no children, fathers with no family,

but your accomplishment is great, your campaign
complete, your voters atwitter with relief

that those brown children will not sully our
great country with their love, abilities, joy, talents

and all that you have taken from them. 

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