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Saturday, March 26, 2022

My new poetry book has been published!!


Thank you to Jason Ryberg at Spartan Press for producing such a beautiful book.

It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local bookstore and also from me, of course.

The cover artwork is by Martha Vogel.


Everything is Rising by Diane Vogel Ferri, is an autobiographical exploration revealing many truths of life. These poems are songs of pain, love, and recovery that portray what women have faced during their lifetime. Diane explored the many definitions of beauty, love, and relationships, uncovering life’s complexity. She presented the reader in Everything is Rising with a perspective born of endurance and buoyed by hope that’s destined to inspire.” 

Steve Thomas

Author of Strength of Flowers


"Poetry and fiction are first cousins. When I read good poetry, it's like meeting kin after a long separation; bonds forged in youth reveal themselves to be as warm and strong as ever. Diane Vogel Ferri's poetry is a family reunion of the heart."

Daniel Bell

Author of Adrift and Dead in River Valley

“Diane Vogel Ferri’s beautifully crafted poems balance age with youth, regret with hope, clarity with confusion and power with powerlessness. Her poems look forward and upward at a time when so many are stalled in their isolated present. Best of all, Diane’s shares her vision through poems that can look directly into the face of what troubles us, without losing sight of goodness and beauty.”

Gail Bellamy, author of Cleveland Christmas Memories and Cleveland Food Memories

"The poems in "Everything is Rising" are vivid in imagery and deep in emotion and nostalgia.  Diane takes you to places that you may not want to go, but you are a better person by having been there.

Barbara Marie Minney, author of If There's No Heaven.

“Memory is the mother of all wisdom” according to Aeschylus. Such sagacity stirs in Everything Is Rising. Using what the poet calls “the fossil of my voice,” she distills the past’s influence, waking us to a world where “blood tastes like creation.” Let these pages carry you with a pulse that “has never beat gently” and on “into morning light.”

Laura Grace Weldon

2019 Ohio Poet of the Year


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