Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When the Music

This is the poem I wrote for my daughter on her wedding day. You have to know Kate and Matt to appreciate it but I wanted to share it with all.

When the Music

For Kate and Matt 
on their wedding day
July 6, 2013

The chords of hopeful love and harmony
stretched from east coast to west
through fashion and history
unbroken by time or space 
when the music was a silent prayer

Dissonance and alternate soundscapes
pulled to meet somewhere in the desert
near fountains and night lights
unexpected fusion and gold dust  
when the music was unrehearsed and new

An intermezzo of sweet communion
an offbeat meeting of body and soul
and all the world stopped
the fifteen year wait was over 
when the music was a precious thing

Songs they had never sung
they now sang for each other
rhythmic, soul-wise, tattooed on their hearts
in the velvet underground that only two share 
when the music was suspended rock and roll

Today God is in their redemption song
now it is sealed, it is beautiful
let them sing and dance in these song-gifts
with a melody only they can hear
and the music goes on forever.....

Diane Vogel Ferri