Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

If you approve the Trump budget you will eliminate the following: 

$1.2 billion for after school programs that serve 1.6 million mostly poor children - but then you will wonder why more kids are taking drugs, joining gangs and why we have to pay to incarcerate them anyway.

You will cut the $2.1 billion for teacher training and class size reduction but you will still complain about the public schools and wonder why they’re not thriving.

You will cut a $15 million program that provides childcare for low-income parents in college and then blame them for not taking personal responsibility.

You will cut $27 million in arts education and leave millions of children without a well-rounded education or exposure to something they might succeed at.

You will cut $72 million and eliminate two international and foreign language programs even though 21st century students need both to succeed and compete in a global economy.

You will cut the $12 million for the Special Olympics and  - you simply have no compassion or conscience.

You will cut funds from the following:

$168 million in grants to states for career and technical education and again, you will blame people for not taking having skills and jobs to care for their families.

 $96 million to adult basic literacy instruction and again, wonder why people don’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps….

$13 million from Promise Neighborhoods which supports children in needy communities - see the first cut….


Diane Ferri
Special education teacher (30 years) mother, grandmother and GED tutor