Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things That Are Just Wrong

1. Using the Hallelujah Chorus in a toilet paper commercial.

2. The phrase "you guys." (I give all food servers permission to look at my chest to
verify-not a guy)

3. Garden hoses (Entangled the way only I can)

4. Egg nog

5. Ohio School Funding (wrong and unconstitutional.)

6. Mucus

7. The baby in the Family Guy.

8. Landscape trucks parked in the street blocking traffic.

9. Paper cuts

10. Celine Dion


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beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing! I'll be back..!!
Crusty~ a believer in Co-Existing~

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Boy, I sure second that No. 10! I take issue with egg nog, which I would probably just have injected into my veins if it weren't so darned fattening. Great list, Diane. Also thank you for the nice note on my PD page. It really is nice they let me do that sort of thing occasionally. Happy Thanksgiving.

Edna said...

Diane, I just checked out the blogs of the last two people who left comments. They are interesting. They make me think that I'll have to start posting pictures to my two blogs now that I've finally started. I just posted a picture of myself taken in the spring on the south shore of Long Island, NY.. The dark glasses make me look much younger than I am. I like that!