Friday, December 21, 2007

A Misfit Mug

I received this handmade mug from one of my students for Christmas. He came into my room, pulled it out of his backpack and said with a grin on his face,"You gave me something and now I give you something."

I looked at the mug and decided it was a perfect representation of the students I teach every day - odd, misshapen, crooked, imperfect. None of them would fit into a set because they each come with their own unique quirks and dis-abilities. Each of them unique, and each one is a misfit in a world of expectations beyond their understanding.

I will treasure my misfit mug.


AmyS. said...

How sweet is this, Diane?? I bet you will treasure this mug. It looks like the stuff my girls give me and I'm sure you feel your students are like your own kids.


what a perfect metaphor and a lesson that even teachers can learn!
Peace times this Christmas!