Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July 2009

Take a moment and think back to your fifth grade social studies class and remember how this country came to be. If it weren't for a few good men stepping up, taking leadership roles and fighting for our independence - we wouldn't be out partying today. God bless America.


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Hope you had a great day!

Daniel Bell said...

Let's also remember that those good men were just that--men, brave and smart, but fallible and men of their time. Many held slaves and wrote them out of the constitution but for census purposes. And when they wrote "all men are created equal" they meant just that--MEN, not women, who could not even vote.

So, let's remember all they did, not only the fifth grade social studies version. Sadly, many of our citizens' understanding of our republic only goes that deep.

On the upside, HAPPY 4th!

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