Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Real Thing

On my walk yesterday, my ipod on shuffle, the song "The Real Thing" by Kenny Loggins came on. It's a song from his album "Leap of Faith" from 1991. It was his divorce/starting life over album and it was a lifeline for me. I still cry at "The Real Thing".

I did it for you and the boys
because love should teach you joy
and not the imitation
that your mama and daddy tried to show you
I did it for you and for me
and because I still believe
there is one thing you can never
give up and never compromise on
and it's the real thing
you need in love.

I still cry for my children's broken home. But both of my children chose to rise above all that went wrong. They each chose the high road of forgiveness and love, not anger and resentment. For this, I will always admire them.

Now my son is engaged and I see my dream for him coming true. I believe with all my hear that my kids will do it right because I have seen them learn from their parents' mistakes.

The end of "The Real Thing" says:

Everybody's got a boat out on the ocean
but not everybody's sailing out to sea
and is there someone there for me?
I'm ready to believe.

I chose to believe and there was somebody out there for me - and now I've got The Real Thing.



I'll have to listen to the song. -I've never really listened to him for too long. But I love the lyrics!

SOO Exciting that your son is engaged!! WOW! Very very cool!


Erin O'Brien said...

It's good to hear you talk about your kids rising above the divorce troubles. I'm sure it was tough, but it sounds like everyone got to the other side intact--or more than intact.

You are going to be a mom-in-law! Congratulations.

Also, thanks for the nice comment over at my place.

Lena said...

Very touching post, brought tears to my eyes.

Sounds like you did a wonderful job of helping your children deal with the divorce.

So glad you found the real thing. You so deserve it.