Saturday, October 10, 2009

Grateful Apologist

Everything I need surrounds me
like a protective shell.
The sun drops on my day as I awaken,
and stays with relentless patience.

God is in your eyes and I can see
Him everytime I look at you.
My head has external music without my ears,
and love is inextricably knit around my heart.

A visceral peace arrives at unexpected moments,
one that can be found only in the human soul.
The world, fraught with danger
has passed over this house

leaving beauty outside every window,
as if God has lost control of His grace,
and let it move in its own tangents
with glorious abandon.


RachelW said...

It's always a treat to see a new poem from you, Diane!

Moohaa said...

What a peace filled poem. I do love your poetry friend!!

Ms Hen said...

this is so lovely ..

Kathiesbirds said...

Very nice, I love the final stanza and the thought of God's Grace moving with "glorious abandon!"