Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I love snow and always revel in it, but I honestly cannot remember a winter as beautiful as this one. For a week the snow never stopped. Over 25 inches accumulated here. But the amazing thing was that there was no wind, so every flake stayed right where it landed on its journey from heaven. Unusual creations were formed on every flat surface, and on every tiny twig of each tree and bush. I could not stop taking pictures of the beauty outside every window of my home and I wanted to share some with you - although photographs don't really give you the wonderment of seeing it all around you as it has here since New Year's Day 2010. In the last photograph - those two white bumps are our picnic tables! And in the first and third pictures there are chairs and a grill under those white blobs.


alphabet soup said...

What a lot of snow!! Enlarging the first photo gave me the lovely surprise of finding, not one, but two red cardinals in the frame. Lovely.
Ms Soup

RachelW said...

Isn't the snow wonderful?? We just got a nice big dump of it here, too. I'm glad you have having a glorious winter!

Jan said...

Beautiful--from my distance!

Lena said...

It is beautiful! So many complain about the snow. Nice to read such a positive post about your winter wonderland.

How many snow days off from school did you have?