Monday, February 1, 2010

All Things Down

snow laden branches
the peach juice running out
of the corners of your mouth
sometimes us
the slope of your ski nose
the Challenger body parts
rockets returning to earth
eventually, the birds
hammering, depressed
descelerating your speed
leaves abandoning twigs
swallowing, collapsing:
the twin towers
the soft plummage of a bird
a sedative in her mouth
moving to the edge of the stage
in a low position
calm it now
it can be penniless
impoverished in luck
despondent, crestfallen
down -
trodden, turn, ward, swing,
stage, right, pour, stream, state, stairs
- to earth - and out
all things down



very pretty. :)
I feel like I just came out of meditation in a relaxing zen garden. :)

John Ettorre said...


Alanna Klapp said...

Hi Diane! This poem is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

I tagged you over at my blog, it's just a fun thing, here's the link:

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is remarkable. So much in this one poem.