Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Stella!

This little girl has been my best gal-pal for 6 years. She was one when I found her in a shelter and brought her home with me. We had a tough first year due to her abandonment issues and adoption baggage - but after she realized (after many months of mischief) that I was indeed coming back home every time I left - we were cool. She killed two chipmunks this week (that I had to clean up), she's tangled with a buck in the backyard much to my horror, she still drags me up the street on our "walks" no matter how many devices and techniques I've tried, she has muddy paws and sloppy kisses, but I can't imagine a day here without her. I know it's cliche, but God made something very special when he created dogs. She makes me happy every day. So Happy Birthday Stella!


Rob-bear said...

That is one amazing dog you've got! Exciting time, and "Happy Birthday" from all of us. May pets and licks from our household.

"Muddy paws and sloppy kisses" describes Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, to a "T". (She, too, tries to drag me all over the place, but I stay in control (just) by using a Halti.) Notwithstanding, her energy, Sadie is such a delight.

May you and Stella always find delight in each other.

Jesus Crisis said...

Hope your birthday was every bit as special as you deserve, Stella!

Ruff love,
Lucky, Lady & Leda
(John's dogs)