Saturday, October 2, 2010

Julie Andrews

Yesterday on NPR I heard that it was Julie Andrews' 75th birthday and I smiled. Julie was my childhood idol. I loved her in Mary Poppins and then - THEN! - on my 10th birthday I saw "The Sound of Music" and it has been my favorite movie ever since (and that's a long time). Somewhere in the bottom of an old trunk probably lies a large envelope full of every photograph of her from every movie magazine in the 60's that I could find. I still think Julie is beautiful, immensely talented and the epitome of eloquence and grace. I wanted to BE her - and I still do :)
Her 2008 memoir called "Home" is much more than the usual celebrity list of anecdotes. It is a fascinating and touching memoir of her life right up until her big break in Mary Poppins. I do hope she writes another one and tells us the rest of the story as only she can.

In 2003 I had the amazing opportunity to go to Salzburg Austria on a choir tour.(That's me in Salzburg in the photo.) I had the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve anticipating the chance to walk where Julie walked during the filming of "The Sound of Music". I knew the places and the songs by heart. It was just as glorious as I imagined and of course, being in Europe, it still looked exactly the same as it did in the 1965 movie. I climbed the same steps that they sang "Do-Re'Mi" on and stood by the fountain where she sang "I Have Confidence". (There's a video somewhere of me at the front of the tour bus leading a rendition of "Do-Re-Me" too.)

I don't really believe in celebrity worship, but Julie... well, that's different.


Jan said...

I loved Julie Andrews, much like you did. When I first saw your post, I was worried that she had died, so I am relieved that it's her birthday! Maybe now I'll have to read your autobiography. Thanks.

Rob-bear said...

Julie Andrews — a truly wonderful performer and person.

Thank you for remembering and recalling.

Lena said...

I loved, Julie, too. I have seen the Sound of Music so many times. I never tire of it.

What a wonderful opportunity for you to go to Austria and actually sing on the same steps and by the fountain! Could you have imagined doing so when you were younger?
It must have been surreal.

Carolina Clay said...


Wonderful blog entry about Julie Andrews for her 75th birthday!

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Thank you for your assistance and for the excellent read!


BW said...

Enjoyed you post about Julie Andrews and "The Sound of Music".

"The Sound of Music" Sing Along will be at Cinemark at Valley View on Tuesday, 10/26/2010 at 6:30pm.