Monday, August 18, 2008


I think I'm still recovering from the last two weekends and I have nothing profound in my brain today.
All summer I was trying to lose a few pounds and I was a really "good girl." I counted those points and resisted picnic fare and got up at 6:45 a.m. to walk most days. Alas, I lost a few, plateaued for two weeks and then got discouraged and gave up. Last week I bought a bag of assorted chocolates for the reunion. I had not had any goodies all summer, except for dessert on our anniversary. (Sadly, we haven't even gone out for ice cream this summer! Such sacrifice.)
I did not serve the chocolates and found them the following week. I proceeded to eat every mini-Reese's cup in the bag. My husband looked in the bag that was cleverly hidden in the freezer and said, "You ate all the Reese's!" "Yes, I did." I replied without shame.

Now I am on a mini-chocolate binge. After a virtuous dieting summer - I NEED IT NOW! (However, a binge to me is just a little each day.)

The good news is that chocolate is reeeaaallly good for you. Really! It contains flavenoids, a type of polyphenal antioxident. It has 8 times more than strawberries! You may also reap benefits in your blood pressure and HDL cholesterol (the good stuff).

Cocoa powder is the highest with dark chocolate and milk chocolate coming in second and third. There is a little bad news though - fat, sugar and calories. Oh well. Sometimes you just gotta splurge.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I've eaten a little bit of chocolate nearly every day for years and years. (My darling DH told me shortly after we married that he read chocolate would be good for me.) Lately, because I'm trying to cut out sugar, I buy the darkest, lowest sugar kind that I can find. It satisfies the cravings. So I still allow myself that tiny bit of sugar a day, but as you say, it has health benefits.


don't feel bad, I understand about chocolate and walking and losing lbs..I'd rather lose cravings then lbs because the cravings heightened during the summer attempt at walkies. :)

back to school

Elizabeth :)

Choralgirl said...

Right there with ya, Sister! :-)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL....I, too, am on a Chocolate Kick....It is a TRUE Assiction! But, it is so damn good! The really bad thing is...Though I prefer Dark Chocolate and it IS better for you--my "addiction" is so bad these days that I am even eating Milk Chocolate....HELP!