Monday, August 4, 2008


I wrote this simple heartfelt poem many, many years ago and not surprisingly - it turned out to be true. Someone I love needs to read this today.


On a mild and clear winter morning
as I walked through the commonness of the day
God spoke to me
in my head, in my heart.

Distinct as if my ears heard it,
lucid as if my heart had yearned it.
Never had I sought this pledge
or let my imagination create it:

I have something more for you
The more your life has longed for.
This trial was purposeful and valid
and what you have seen is real.

One by one the tokens of security,
the known assurances and shelters of this world
disappeared from my days and nights
like snow under the warm sun.

Something better and something more
are the words that I have heard,
yet my mind will not venture
to know their meaning or impact now.

But this promise I cling to
and believe in its truth.
This will be the only guarantee needed
to sustain this heart and life within me.

1 comment:

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is very beautiful. I too have had times when God promised more but did not specify what.

I hope the person you posted this for is encouraged by your poem.