Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Artist's Work

This is what is written on the inside cover of my chapbook. I'm not sharing it to tell about myself. I share it because I think it refers to all artists of all kinds. Those who pursue creative endeavors rarely receive recognition or understanding for the years of effort it takes to perfect any type of craft. (only actors get that)And we almost never can make a living at the thing we really love doing. People only see the finished product. We are bombarded by so much every day. Do we ever stop to think about the talents it took to create a unique ad in a magazine? Or the years of work it took to practice painting with oils or watercolors? Or write a book? Create a beautiful piece of clothing? I dedicate this to all the artists who continue to share what they've been given with the world around them.
Publisher's Position Statement on the Value of Poetry Arts
This chapbook is limited edition fine art from the poet Diane Vogel Ferri whose work you support for a few cents a page. You are not buying paper and printer's ink by weight. You selected language art that took as long to create as paintings or other fine art. Pudding House caters to those who understand the value of the poet's good work. We are in business to expand reputations rather than to assure profits for our press. Manuscripts are chosen on the basis of their contribution to literary arts and to the popular culture. On behalf of a large community of contemporary poets, this poet in particular, independent and small press publishing, and Pudding House publications, thank you for supporting this good work.


Cheryl said...

What a wonderful statement and testament to your talent and hard work.

Daniel Bell said...

Remember, I get an inscribed copy! Your poetry deserves as wide an audience as any poet writing today.

I often say I don't read much poetry. That's because most of the new poetry I see is self-absorbed without being revealing of self. Word-wright that you are, it is the candor and vulnerability in your work that makes it beatiful and sometimes heartbreaking.

Kelly Jene said...

I hope I can buy it when it's available! Not many people understand what it's all about. Congrats Diane!