Monday, April 27, 2009


Two weird things:

On Easter we had 22 people to stuff with food. The oven was filled with turkey, ham and potatoes and was almost finished cooking when the six year-old oven just stopped. The digital read-out went blank and we all went, "what the. . .?" Then the fan in the microwave went on voluntarily and could not be turned off. Obviously they were overheated and were trying to tell us such in their own technological way. Later the oven came back on and it seemed okay. Then one day last week I went out to get the mail and when I came back in I heard an unfamiliar beeping. I looked around and found that it was the oven and there were some words running across the digital window. I went in and tapped my sleeping husband on the shoulder and said , "Honey, the oven is sending us a message."
This is even weirder!

Last night my daughter and I went to a concert venue to see Ani DiFranco (amazing :) ) We were stopped at the door for wristbands for the imbibing of alcohol. The young man looked me straight in the face and said, "Can I see your ID?" I looked incredulously towards my twenty-something daughter standing next to me and almost yelled, "But I'm her mother!" Didn't matter. He still insisted on seeing my ID. I proudly handed him my ID. Alas, I know in my heart he was just doing his job. He didn't really think. . . .


Snowbrush said...

I was with a very young looking 50+ friend who also has a high-pitched voice. When she wrote the grocery clerk a check, the clerk looked at it, looked at my friend, and asked, "Are you sure you have your mother's permission to use her checkbook?"

Julie said...

This post is hilarious. For some reason, I get ticked off every time I get carded.

What on earth was going on with the oven? That sounds like something weird that would happen to me. I love it.