Monday, May 25, 2009

More Memorial Day Weekend

The beauty a surprise every spring.
My new swan planter.

I painted the bocce court yesterday and my back is remembering today.

Half the pile gone, half to go!
Memorial Day weekend is a time for homeowners to get the mulch down, rake out the leftover leaves of last fall from the gardens, paint decks, drag out hammocks and chairs - but in our hearts we're saying "thank you" to our veterans, old and young, with a prayer that someday there will be no more new veterans to thank.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like your swan planter.

Happy Memorial Day.

LORENZO said...

No matter how much work this season brings, it's all worth it. Sure does beat cold Winters hiding in the house next to the heater. That's a hardcore Bocce ball court...all the best, LL

Susan's Snippets said...


I loved the is all so true!!

veterans i salute you

Amy said...

Looks like my yard--so lush and green and full of flowering bushes!!! Aren't you so glad spring has come back to Cleveland?? Love your new swan!

prasetio said...

nice garden with great picture. thanks for share