Monday, November 23, 2009


Earth is turning and a massive star burns.
The unfailing harvest from the soil arrives
in its true season and every living day
succumbs to the dark and restive night.

Hearts are beating and lungs expanding,
the brain exerts its power of language and love,
blood strains relentlessly for its destination
as our bodies continue on.

We do nothing in all the days of our lives
to keep these laws in motion
or call them forth to complete their roles.
Nothing we do allows our eyes to open each morning.

And so for all that we cannot do on our own,
for the gift of free will and lives of unending choices,
for this food, and love we learn through time on Earth,
we thank you God for your blessings.


Joanne said...

A beautiful sentiment on life this Thanksgiving week, nicely said. Thanks for sharing.

Moohaa said...

Beautiful. I like that. Simple and real, vivid.

Thanks Diane! I always feel a tad more cultured when I leave your site. ;)

Jan said...

Thank you!

Susan's Snippets said...


Nothing more to add to that beautiful composition...except for Amen!!

blessings to you i send