Monday, December 28, 2009

December Lament

It's the funeral march towards the end of the year,
just a number, just a month, with joy to the world

and a slithering trail of regrets gaining on me
like a holiday rattlesnake about to strike, sending poison

to the veiny, icy backs of my hands. Visions relentlessly
knock at the frosted windowpane in my mind

not of fairies and plums, but that first wet snowflake
on the windshield, that sudden chord of a song,

a broken ornament, children who are no longer children,
what the year was not and someone who is not here.

Silent snow falls on my winter sorrows, until I look up
from my lament and see God in your eyes.


JackiesMagic said...

... and it's taken me all year to fall in love!

Many blessings, my kindred spirit!

Lena said...

Just beautiful! thank you for sharing it.

John Ettorre said...

Oh my--one of your patented surprise endings. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Jan said...

So lovely!

74WIXYgrad said...

It's Top Banana time and you are a lucky winner!