Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Charlotte's Website

(In honor of all the spiders decorating the outside of my house. You have to know the story of Charlotte's Web to get this.)

Charlotte A. Cavatica here, your host. Today on the webcam you will see my guests: Wilbur Zuckerman, his wife Fern, Mr. Templeton and Mrs. Goose. Fern, Let's start with you.

Charlotte that's a lovely silk suit you have on, and I love the eight dreadlocks.

Thank you. I make all my silk threads. I catch all my own food. That's how I stay so trim, but once I was fat like Wilbur.

Yes, my husband has an eating disorder called Slops Addiction. He can't stop eating the leftovers in his restaurant!

Mr. Templeton, you work for Wilbur. Is this true?

It sure is Charlotte. Wilbur is SOME PIG.

Mrs. Goose, you also work at the restaurant. What do you observe?

Mr. Templeton has repeatedly stolen my egg dishes to tempt Wilbur off his diet. He's a RAT!

Wilbur, I suggest my all-insect diet. I'll give you a free copy of my book. Will you try it?

I will, Charlotte!

We will invite Wilbur back to see how much weight he can lose on the Charlotte A. Cavatica all-insect diet.

Well we're back - let's bring out Wilbur Zuckerman. Wilbur has lost 100 pounds on my all-insect diet!

I have a surprise for Wilbur today. I stayed up all night spin. . . I mean makting the sign above your head Wilbur. It says TERRIFIC! Because that's what you are!

Thank you, Charlotte. I miss eating my slops, but with your insect diet I will be a winner at the Weight Loss Fair next week!

Guests, I'd like to announce that I'm starting a family. You may have noticed the huge egg sac that I have. Five hundred and fourteen babies! Wilbur, you have been a HUMBLE guest.

Charlotte I will miss you when you're gone, but remember everyone - you can buy the diet book and see pictures of the babies on Charlotte's Website!

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