Monday, October 29, 2007


Release me
from the things that stay
transfixed in visions;
they pierced my virgin heart.
the cloistered dreams,
a token of an ancient memory,
those omnipotent one-time words.
from my seedy cognizant mind
that which now hurts me
and others. Surround me,
offer me
something new, replaceable,
rebirth of my singular realm.
inpetus to my slackened thoughts.
Gift me, love me,
in lieu of my unrestrained years
and that which I can never repay
to anyone.
I will rest in my imperfect peace.
me in grace,
and I will stand anew
in all that I am created
and exist to be.


Edna said...

Hi Diane!

Your poem on Prayer is excellent.

I have read the majority of your postings and I feel a kinship developing. On 9-27-07 you mention that you were trying to teach yourself how to write a novel. When you said that you tend to do that, that is learn things yourself, you could have been writing about me!

You recently self published your first(?) novel. I have just self published my first book, Its Light Is the Lamb, An Unexpected Spiritual Journey.

Your first blog entries of 9-23-07 on Purple People and Coexist were very interesting. My first blog entry on the anticipated Second Pentecost occurred on 8-18-27, about a month earlier than yours.

On 10-5-07 you quote Mother Teresa.
On my second blog (I have two) I wrote about Mother Teresa and her just published letters. There are three posts on Mother Teresa: 8-29-07, 9-6-07 and 10-12-07.

I am really enjoying writing in my two blogs. It is very satisfying. I hope you find it so, also. I wish you luck with your next book.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Edna, I am glad to know of our kinship and I appreciate your writings as well. Thanks for reading my blog - it is not always about my spiritual side, but that will be a big part of it. How did you find it?

Edna said...

Hi Diane,

I saw your comment on Kristin Ohlson's blog and decided to check your blog out.