Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes, we were in Mexico for five days at a resort in Playa del Carmen on the Carribbean Sea. Last year I dragged my husband to New York City for his only week of vacation and that wasn't his type of vacation, so this year was his choice. It was, of course, spectacularly beautiful and relaxing, but it is very strange being in another country - the unfamiliar food, the language barriers, the lack of access to what's going on at home (no cell phone signal there). On a vacation I find that not just my body goes on vacation, but my brain too. Everyone on the beach would be reading or sleeping but then you would see people (like me) just staring out into the pale green-blue water for endless amounts of time, thinking about pretty much nothing. It's a weird hiatus from normal living and one I feel very grateful and blessed to experience. It rained for about a day and a half because of Hurricane Dolly, but we managed to entertain ourselves :) Well, it's time to get to the laundry and sweeping up dog hair and watering thirsty plants, so for today I'll leave you with a picture of what took my mind away from reality for a little bit.


happyone said...

Welcome back!!
We all need a break like that once in a while.
It looks beautiful there on the beach and the water is such a pretty color.
It's a good SkyWatch picture for today too.

Kelly Jene said...

Welcome home!! My good friends really enjoyed Playa Del Carmen. It is a beautiful area.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Take your time easing back into reality. It's a bit of a shock to the system. :)