Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Storm

Published in Tributaries - Spring 2007

Sunlight a moment ago, now dark
tree limbs sway like dancing partners
hanging plants twirl and tip
leaves turn inside out white
yard machines silenced
replaced by distant thunderous moans

squirrel vanish, birds swoop
into sheltering trees, then
a scarlet streak in the charcoal light
a brave one clings to the swinging feeder
the tangled wind chimes and
pattering drops on the awning
make music as I inhale to smell the rain

waves of silver move over the rooftop
a whoosh through the downspouts
its force pushes the long-stemmed
daisies to the sidewalk
the overflow streams off the gutters
in perfect parallel lines to the ground

out the window, is it a large rock?
an ugly, wrinkled snapping turtle
has washed down the driveway
from the lake across the street
I watch it waddle away
as the quiet returns


Billy said...

Diane, you are a marvelous poet. This is great work, and I will link to your site and return. (I published in Rockford Review also, although it has been a few years. It's a really great publication). I'm not blogging much right now, but I hope to put up a few things in the coming weeks. Thanks for stpping by my humble site :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is very powerful.

bonnie said...

waves of silver. I love your poetry. It makes me want to try painting with words.

Kathiesbirds said...

A perfect poetic desciption of a storm!