Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hapy Valentine's Day

These words have been going through my head recently. They are the lyrics to an old Amy Grant song that I have always loved called "Doubly Good to You" (I teared up just typing them. ) I think it can refer to any type of relationship.

If you look in the mirror at the end of a hard day
and you know in you heart you have not lied
and if you gave love freely, if you earned an honest wage
and if you've got Jesus by your side
you can thank the Father for the things that He has done
and thank Him for the things He's yet to do
and if you find someone who's tender
if you find someone who's true
thank the Lord
He's been doubly good to you.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Beautiful lyrics.

Happy belated Valentine's day.

Sandy's Notes said...

Doubly good! Just to know there are good people in your life!

I've been reading your Liquid Rubies, you are one talented lady!

Karen said...

I just felt like saying one word at the end of this: Amen.