Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been participating in reading a daily selection from the scriptures and pondering a response to it along with people in my church. It is called Transformation Journal. I have to admit some of the Old Testament was excruciating to read. I had trouble focusing and gleaning from is what I was supposed to. Now I'm up through Isaiah (a beautiful book), Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes - all poetic writing full of wisdom. Some of it I have not read for a long time and I thought I'd share some favorite Proverbs.
Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm. Do not swerve to the right or the left, keep your foot from evil. Proverbs 4:25-27
For wisdom is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire can compare with her. Proverbs 8:11
Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. Proverbs 12:1
Each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy. Proverbs 14:10
Gray hair is a crown of splendor, it is attained by a righteous life. ( why are we all hiding it then?) Proverbs 16:31
A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17
A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions. (Know anyone like that?) Proverbs 18:2
Give me neither riches nor poverty but give me only my daily bread. Otherwise I may have too much and disown you. Proverbs 30:8


Poetikat said...

Oh, I like that one about grey hair! Now when I see them, I'll be much less inclined to pluck them out!

I too had a hard time with The Old Testament. Wading through some of it, like the building of the Ark, for instance, really WAS excruciating.

I found one book that I particularly liked though and that was Tobit. I'd never even heard of it before, but read it in a daily missal. It was such a wonderful story. There are many treasures I have yet to discover, certainly...I'm terrible at self-disciplining to read the Bible. I have good intentions (speaking of Proverbs) but never seem to commit. Help!

Lovely and inspiring post.


Sandy's Notes said...

You have found some beautiful quotes. I read the Bible cover to cover; the old testament was excruciating for me. I was so young in my belief system though.