Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Good to be an American

This was in today's paper:
New Delhi, India
Eight people were killed and their mutilated bodies thrown into a river over a wedding not approved by the couple's families in eastern India, police said Wednesday. Police said fifteen people have been charged with the murders in the Bhagalpur district of the Bihar state. The killings took place during a meeting between families and their supporters, police said. Police found eight bodies, four of them beheaded and others multilated, in a river Tuesday. No arrests had been made. The couple eloped and married against the wishes of their families in January.
God Bless America. 'Nuff said.


Julie said...

This kind of thing saddens me...but it also shocks me. I'm with you. We're certainly not perfect, but we are so blessed to be living in a free society where we can at least voice our outrage when things like this happen. I am so sorry for the people who experienced this horror.

Poetikat said...

Oh my God! They just sanction that sort of thing? How horrendous!
That's so sad.