Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coexist XXII - With Canadian Geese???

Flocked and gaggled
around ponded neighborhoods
squawking at our presence
laughing - haw - haw- haw
at our inability
to frighten them away
leaving soft green cylinders
to decorate our streets
clustered around the brand
new retention basin
and its grassy banks
we all have a way of showing up
for what we need.


Poetikat said...

This shot looks identical to the park in the middle of my town. We have stop our cars to let the geese go gandering through.

Lovely little slice of the natural world. (I've trod in my share of "soft, green cylinders". Up here we call it "goose juice".


Rob-bear said...

Ah, yes. The geese in town. Our city is bisected by a fairly wide river, so it's natural for the geese to be on the water. As well as the land. Everywhere. This is Canada, after all.

They especially like a large grassy patch, by the University Bridge, across the river from the university. And they just spread out from there. Eating the grass; sleeping on the grass -- indifferent to just about everything else.

I once saw a pair with 20 babies between them -- all swimming in a row. That's right -- 20. I had to count several times; I couldn't believe it. Just down river from our home.

As for geese in Cleveland or thereabouts -- you get them as part of your international trade agreements with Canada. They're the only Canadians who can get into the US without passports. Sadly, some are terrorists; they brought down a plane on the Hudson River.

Better get Homeland Security on those geese right away!

RachelW said...

The wonderful geese!