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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Being a blogger, I have to say something about Michael Jackson today. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for him - for the little boy looking for his lost childhood and the man looking for love that wasn't predicated on his bizarre fame and fortune. My own opinion is that his parents did not protect him, but used him as a moneymaker when he was a child. Michael Jackson, in fact, was a child prodigy in his musical talent and style. He was born to perform, but I do not believe that human beings are born to be idolized and worshipped. It is not normal and it is not something that the human spirit knows how to handle. We've seen it time and time again. No human is God - and yet how many child celebrities have gone on to lead weird and dysfunctional lives and early deaths.

Michael Jackson was close to my age and I remember watching the little boy on TV singing his heart out with joy and style. I thought he was adorable. I actually remember the Mowtown 25th anniversary show in the early 80's when he danced the moonwalk and blew the crowd away. I always admire originality. Lots of us thought he was odd, but I don't think you could say he was stupid. He knew exactly how to make himself a star - and he did. But being a star of that magnitude stresses the body and spirit to the breaking point - and that is probably why he is dead at age 50. I think Elvis was 42.

It's a sad story of American pop culture and one full of pathos for me. I pray that he rests in real peace and won't know about all the future sightings and rumors of him not being dead that will surely crop up in the near future.


Diane said...

yes. my thoughts exactly. He was talented, but seemed fundamentally alone.

Choralgirl said...

Agreed. Sort of a sad story on a number of levels. Fully fledged artist, terribly damaged person. Have you seen Andrew Sullivan's take on it? Worth a look.


Lena said...

Well done. I felt surprising sad yesterday.

Ms Hen said...

I took it in strive. So many of them die young in that field. Sad.... but heard it so many times I guess it is to be expected.

A man I dated died at 51 on May 12th 2005. He was in the music field .. first a drummer for pop stars.. some of the songs went gold; and than as an A&R.. when I met him he had bad health (from taking too much drugs; and than prescriptions drugs for stress when he was a producer.. and than winding up being let go as a producer in the early 90s.. I met him 2004. He had a beautiful home; talent; and bad health. I did not know about his health issues. He told me he had allergies; than asthma and than his sister told me he only had 18 months to live; he had CHF. I wrote a poem about it last year finally.

I cried for two years .. I'm fine now. I would not have dated him after being just separated for a year. Before I agreed to date him; I asked if he took drugs or anything in his DAY .. and he said NEVER. I was so naieve and gullible 6 years ago at 42 (yes)..

I was not dating him; when he died; someone else was......but it was painful loving him and than knowing he was going to die; and still wanted to be a player too at times. Makes no sense. All his creative and old-fashion in man ways; and than contradicted himself all the time.

He taught me so much about life; and I did stop being an introvert because of him........ but they all seem to die young.. everyone in that business to whatever degree of success..or semi-success or whatever.

Drugs; overdoing prescription drugs so they ruin their health and on and on.. and than losing their money.. (the one I dated had a nice house but lose all his other money mainly)

Cheryl said...

MJ seemed like such a lost soul. I hope he's at peace now. Gone but never forgotten.

74WIXYgrad said...

I wasn't a fan-my favorite Motown artist is Stevie Wonder-but I feel because of the leeches in his life, MJ was robbed of what could have been a very full life.

Sandy's Notes said...

Perfectly stated. I couldn't agree more.