Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For the Love of Winter

My abundance is in winter.
I dwell in the peace of the silent snow,
sitting by the yellow light of a lamp
with a blanket and a book,
or comfortably close to him on the love seat.

I find joy in the lack of humidity and
the offensive noise of lawn mowers.
I feel happy covering my homely limbs
with sweaters and jeans instead
of sticky sunscreen and sweat,
and justified in drinking another hot tea.

There is beauty in the stark outline
of trees and squirrels against whiteness,
or watching my little dog sniff deer tracks
and race inside with a snowy nose.

To come out of the quiet cold
into a warmth of a home,
to hear the furnace kick on,
to snuggle up to a warmer body
under chilly bedsheets
is the abundance of winter.


Janie Vogel said...

I love this, Diane. And I know you love winter more than summer (although, I'm still a warm-weather girl at heart).

As I explore my life as a hiker now, I'm coming to love winter more...and I want to see, and explore, more of winter's wonders. I understand everything you wrote about as far as coming inside to warmth and being cozy - and I love that (especially hibernating for a day or more in my Snuggie, knowing I'm protected from the wicked elements outside).

But I also have begun to seriously enjoy wintertime because of what I'm seeing OUTSIDE - yes, in the cold tempteratures. But I'M never cold when I'm hiking. I'm too enraptured with what I'm seeing to feel anything but wonder and gratitude.

Even in the supposedly endless days of winter in Northeast Ohio, I'm still finding beauty in what I see every day, whether I stay warm indoors in my cozy little cottage, or venture outside to find out what beauty I can observe on the next limb.

I feel so blessed to be able to see life and my surroundings change from month to month!!

JeannetteLS said...

I just came in here for the first time, saw this poem and felt I'd come home. My abundance, too, is in winter. I will have to come again.