Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pure Beauty

Of course, an upload on a blog on a computer screen could never do justice to a painting like this - or any other work of art for that matter. Art is like the Grand Canyon - you have to see it in person. My mom and I went to the Akron Art Museum to see a wonderful show of Impressionists - but the difference was that the vast majority of this show was American Impressionists, not European - many I had not heard of before.

This painting literally glowed from across the room -the sunlight shining on the faces and reflecting under their chins. The sky so clear and blue you believed you were there with them. I was drawn across the room and did not want to leave it.

Every time I go to an art museum or special exhibit I always choose my favorite before I leave and this was definitely it. Yes, the theme is a bit sugary and prosaic, but how can you argue with pure beauty?

It is called "On the Heights" by Charles Courtney Curran. It was painted in 1909. Curran was an extremely successful American Impressionist. He lived from 1861-1942, born in Kentucky and lived in Sandusky, Ohio. This beauty hangs in the Brooklyn Museum in New York so I am grateful to have seen it.


JeannetteLS said...

I can see where the lighting must have been impressive, and taken you to some other time and place. It must have been a wonderful exhibit.

Kathiesbirds said...

My husband and I just went to the Boston Museum of Fine Art on Friday and viewed some paintings there. I like to so the same thing, see which one draws me across the room, then I try to figure out which painting I would actually like to hang in my house and which one I will actually remember 2 weeks later. I like impressionism as well. We went to see a Degas show, but I actually like Renoir better. This painting is gorgeous and I can see how it would draw you across the room. Painting white is such a challenge and so difficult to get right.