Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor

When you hear potential leaders of our country disrespecting each other,
When you hear millionaires say that poor people should just get a job,
When you hear them say that people without health care should die,
When they judge some fellow Americans and would deny them the same rights that we all cherish, the same ones that allow us the "pursuit of happiness".
When they claim that abortion is wrong but not funding programs for all the impoverished unwanted children is ok,
When they believe they should decide whether women should have access to contraceptives -

When these people call themselves Christians,
ask yourself what "Love Thy Neighbor" means to you.
Look in your Bible for a list of exceptions to that rule.
You won't find them anywhere.

1 comment:

JeannetteLS said...

This was powerful, to the point(s), succinct. My heart breaks at what I hear. Thank you for saying it so directly.

I admit that I have been having trouble loving the neighbors saying these things. I must try harder or I'll be just the same, won't I!