Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I love this blogging thing and the way it has become such a part of my life. But on some days, like today, I feel pressure to come up with something intelligent to say. The next few weeks are full of celebrations - birthday, communion, goodbyes to co-workers, end of the year, graduation, retirement etc, etc! And I appreciate that all of those people are in my life - but time to write worthy blogs?? Maybe not. So today driving home I'm thinking - I've got to come up with something before we leave for my mother-in-laws birthday party tonight!!! I began to think how blessed my life is be able to participate in so much - so I'm just going to list a Grateful List today.
I am thankful for these:
1. A slow dance Friday night with my husband at our annual union banquet - I always loved the song Sara Smile - but now it's a lovely memory too.
2. My daughter sent me my favorite perfume and my son gave me a bouquet of lilacs for Mother's Day - so thankful that, amidst their busy lives, they take time to know their mom.
3. That I have a mother - and that I am a mother.
4. My fantastic neighborhood book club. I am fond of every one of those 12 ladies and all their diverse opinions. It's like the big group of girlfriends I never had.
5. My poison ivy is gone.
6. The skunk odor that wafted in the house this morning was NOT coming from my little Stella.
7. There are 16 school days left. :) :) :) :)
8. That joining Skywatch Friday has made me look at the sky everyday.
9. That God still loves me even though I am so slow to learn His ways.
10. Our four parents are with us - ages 78-88.


happyone said...

What wonderful things to be thankful for.
When we stop to be thankful, we realize how truly blessed we are. I believe that it is the small every day things that bring us joy and not the big events, though the big things are nice too. :-)
Have fun at the party tonight!!


don't feel bad on number 9, I've been struggling with that for years...
gratitude is in the air, Foster Communications wrote about it today as well.
Many fun adventures for you..
enjoy the party and we'll see you when you're back typing away! :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

LOL, Diane. I was thinking about doing this for tomorrow.

I love your list. My favorite might be number 1.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...
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Kelly Jene said...

Great things to be grateful for! I love slow dances.

Enjoy your busy weeks... and don't worry, short posts are good too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You have a lovely Grateful List...! And what a nice thing to post on a day when you are overwhelmed with a lot of things to do and that are coming in the future! It is wonderful that you both still have your parents, too.

mrsnesbitt said...

Lovely to see all this when you could just have focussed on the heavy other stuff!
Thanks for your comment over on my blog. Yes the view is ours, here in North Yorkshire where we live on the moors.
Check out ABC Wednesday, I think you'd enjoy it. A picture, taking away pressure to write tones....but this week I did write tons! LOL!