Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tagged - Favorite Book

I was tagged by Happyone to write about my favorite book. (You'll have to get her link from my blogger list because I still haven't figured out how to link it on the post - someone help me!!)
Books are scarce in the world. They are illegal in some provinces. They are not easily replaced, if not impossible to replace if lost in many if not most circumstances. If you can replace a book or buy one, it is usually through the black market at astronomical costs that you cannot afford. Yet, you have been able to maintain one of the best collections in the world. If your entire library was about to burn up (think of firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 invading your home) and you could only have one book to take with you other than the Bible, what would it be and why?
Simple rules: answer the question. Offer one quote that resonates with you. Tag five people whose response is of genuine interest to you and inform him or her that they have been tagged. Cheers!
* And it cannot be an entire series of something, that's cheating.
That's a tough question. I've always thought of favorite books as ones that have the biggest impact on you. I've loved so many novels, but I rarely re-read them. The Bible is excluded so I am going to say The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck. The sub-title of this book is A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth. I don't remember how I found this book but it made a tremendous impact on me at a time when I was searching and trying to make sense out of all of those things.
The first sentence in the book is "Life is difficult." Okay, you've got my attention. It goes on - "This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult - once we truly understand and accept it - then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters."
This book has messages of human truths and spiritual truths. It is common sense, the real world and how we must live in it. Peck writes about how much effort it takes to truly love, why falling in love is a passing feeling, the healthiness of depression, the value of psychotherapy, miracles, marriage, grace and consciousness. His writing helped me understand what it means to be human. It helped me accept my weaknesses and believe in myself at a time when I was hating myself.
He writes, "Our lifetime offers us unlimited opportunities for spiritual growth until the end."
I could share about 200 more quotes that I love but I won't.
My technological weakness prevents me from linking some blogging friends (for now - I'll get it eventually) but I tag - Crustybeef, Erin, Lovely Disturbance, Daughter of Eve and Moohaa! Go to my list and check them out!
The Road Less Traveled is on my Shelfari shelf too.


Kelly Jene said...

Great choice, we have that book too. It's a good one.

Brad (Waconda Road) tagged me with this same meme! I'll be doing it Monday to give me time to think. Thanks for thinking of me!!

Kelly Jene said...

To link someone - In your create new post box, type a word such as Moohaa, then highlight it (select it) and click on the little green world icon. It will open a small box with http:// in it, and you simply complete it with the web address you want to put in. Like Then you click ok and you're all set.

At first I had trouble with it and would end up having a whole sentence be selected so now I just type whatever sentence I'm writing and go back and select just the word I want to make a link. I hope this helps!


isn't kelly awesome?
Thanks for the meme outreach!! I know which book it is that is my favorite, but can I actually turn it into a decent post? :O) lol

Anonymous said...

thank you for making me feel special today!

i will write a post, and will have to pick a favorite book, there are soooo many!


Daughter of Eve said...


I think for now I'd be tucking That Hideous Strength beneath my arm as the proverbial flames licked my heels. As for a quote from said book, that's like asking the ocean its opinion on being wet.

SOUL: said...

happy moms day---

happyone said...

Thanks for playing along. I knew you would have an interesting favorite book and would write something inspiring. I was right!

AnneDroid said...

How interesting I would visit your blog for the first time and see this post. Although I've not read the book you mention, I'm currently near the end of "People of the Lie" by the same author. It's about evil and evil people and makes absolutely fascinating, if very chilling, reading. I look forward to reading "The Road Less Travelled" soon.