Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike Hits Ohio

A hurricane in Ohio? Last night Ol' Ike got all the way to northeastern Ohio. Wind gusts up to 78 MPH. It was scary! Of course, we lost power as we always do during a storm - so now we have a generator. I just spent an hour picking up branches and twigs from the yard and there are plenty I missed. It's a mess. I saw at least a dozen large trees down on the way to work and power is still out in some areas. It's just strange to think that a storm could travel so far. If it was scary here I can't imagine what it was like in the south. I heard the eerie crackling of a tree breaking in half last night. Luckily it was in the woods on the edge of, but not on our property. The bad thing is that it will probably remain that way.

A few years ago during a storm I saw a GIANT turtle waddle down our river-like driveway. I was home alone and tried to take a picture, but it was raining too hard and it didn't turn out. My husband constantly teases me that I was exaggerating or I didn't really see it (but I did). Last night he said he thought he saw it as well. I said - if it's there in the morning I'll take a picture - and it was. Ha-Ha-Ha.
Sorry for the less-than-inspiring posts lately. I've been finalizing my poetry collection, getting over a cold, spending time with beautiful daughter and nursing afterschool-headaches. Bear with me!


Kelly Jene said...

Holy cow, that traveled a long way! I'm so glad you are all ok and no serious damage was had. I understand about finishing up a book, it takes a lot out of you and so much to make it just right.

Thank you for your prayers and I pray your headaches ease!!!


it wrecked Illinois too!

I'm glad you're okay!

Stay out of rain filled basements--dangerous!


Choralgirl said...

Hang in there, girl--slow and steady wins the race! Ha ha ha.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Blogging has its rhythms. No need to apologize for that. I'm sure that chapbook is taking up a lot of your energy.

Cheryl said...

Did your husband buy that turtle just for the occasion? Sweet. I would have loved to see your 'real' huge turtle.