Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dark Shadows vs. Twilight

So my book club read "Twilight" - if you haven't heard it's a young adult series of vampire/werewolf books. Yes, I do belong to an adult book club and I didn't want to read it, but I was curious about all the hoopla over the book. I read the first one and it kept my interest. It is unoffensive in every way. The main character is a typical, insecure, flawed teenager who just happens to fall in love with a vampire. But hey, vampires are nothing new, right? In the late 60's I was rushing home from elementary school to watch "Dark Shadows". Everybody watched it! I'd often go next door to Mrs. T's and she'd make me a cup of tea and we'd watch it together. Then I'd race home and call my best girlfriend to discuss the events of that episode. Above is a photo of the dreaded vampire Barnabas Collins. The guy was a terrible actor and the sets were cheesy back then, but it must have captured our imaginations, just like Edward Cullen of "Twlight". One big difference though is that, while Barnabas seemed to entice his share of the ladies, um, I'd have to say Edward Cullen is much hotter. (I haven't seen the movie, just seen pics).

The thing that gets me ab0ut fads like this is that they are not original. I remember when I read the first Harry Potter book. I was expecting brilliance for all the adoration it was getting. I read about magic spells and broomsticks and wizards with the ability to become invisible. What? JK Rowling didn't exactly make any of that up out of her amazing imagination. I was disappointed. Now it's well-meaning, handsome vampires. Oh well, I guess anything that gets kids reading is okay with me. I was forced to read the second one too and then I'd had enough of teeny-bopper land. But my friends tell me book 3 and 4 are MUCH better!


Cheryl said...

I LOVED Dark Shadows. Don't remember much about it but that I never missed an episode. I haven't gotten into Twilight and doubt that I will. Not enough time.

rebecca said...

Here's a link just for you from youtube Dark Shadows. If you can't access it, go to youtube and type it in.

I also grew up watching it! Hehe! And boy he not attractive at all but he was intriguing!

Susan's Snippets said...

Diane -

I can't seem to find time to read anything more than the local paper these days and, of course, the posts on the blogs of my cyberfriends...that's about all.

my world is small

Erin O'Brien said...

GAWD I remember Dark Shadows!

I'm teaching a course on the Twilight series at Lakeland next month. Details here.

Hi Diane!

Poetikat said...

I don't know whether it's a good thing to admit I haven't read a single "Harry Potter" book or not. I did go through a vampire phase years ago, so perhaps "Twilight" would be of more interest, but I doubt it. I agree though, whatever gets kids reading - as long as they are exposed to classics as well.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh my, I haven't thought of Dark Shadows for such a long time. Being a Baptist child, I used to feel so GUILTY for watching it.

I haven't read any of the latest vampire books. However, I do admit that Robert Pattinson is hot.

Ms Hen said...

I loved Dark Shadows when I was little. I think there was a BETH on it that was in love with someone.., can't remember.

I read the first book of Twilight in one cold freezing winter day since my 13 year old bought it. I did not like it. Thought it was pretty lame; another young girl who is clumsy and all and in love with MR. different/with problems (being a vampire...).

I have to say I love love love the Harry Potter books... each one I loved more. #6 of the 7 was the BEST.

The last two I did not read actually but listened on audiotape.

I wind up listening to them all on audiotape.. it was wonderful experience.(and I'm a big reader)

Anonymous said...

I have Dark Shadows--the entire series--on DVD! It's much more an "adult" series than Twilight. The target audience was older, the characters were older, and the writing was a lot better. I think it was scarier as a result. To be honest, I can't feel too scared of a vampire who looks like he probably should be headed to band practice.

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just brought tons of bran-new emo backgrounds to my blog