Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here's Your Answer

Did you hear the one about the man that was stranded on a rooftop after a flood? He prayed for God to help him. Soon a boat came by and offered assistance, but the man declined saying that God was going to help him. Then a helicopter flew over. . . yeah, you've heard it.
One of the frustrating parts of my job teaching kids with learning disabilities is that they know I'm there to help them and sometimes if I don't do a task for them, or tell them the answer I hear "You're not helping me!" I always tell them I am not in fifth grade, they are, and they won't learn if I do it for them. As parents we've all said the same type of thing.
Recently Terry Pluto, a writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote an article called "There are times when God doesn't want prayers." Hmmm, interesting.
". . .some of us have prayed our way into paralysis. We know what we're supposed to do - but we'd rather pray than do it.
He gave examples of people asking for prayer and being told by friends that they already were capable of doing what they were asking for - so just do it! I thought about something I've prayed, cried and agonized over for years and I realized that it was not that I couldn't do it - it was that I wanted God to make it easier for me. The glaring fact that He has not done that made me think He wasn't helping! Yikes! I sound like my fifth graders!!!
Sometimes we pray to be able to accomplish something and the reply is: " What is standing in your way?"
And really the only answer is : me.


Poetikat said...

Isn't it that sometimes God thinks it better if the prayer isn't answered? I have a hard time with this too. Maybe God wants us to work through things on our own some of the time.


Lena said...

I really needed to hear that today. Thank you.

Sandy's Notes said...

What a great post Diane, this is so true. I'm gonna print this one and keep it with me for a few days.