Saturday, March 14, 2009


There is no excuse for your life
just because someone with less
has erased your name
and written their own.

They filled your bucket,
stole your words, tumbled
your ramparts, but there
are still mirrors everywhere.

Don't say you confused
sunrise with sunset
when God put the universe
and all the colors in you.

Don't say He didn't answer
your prayers when what you
prayed for you could
have already made happen.

You're in a blindfolded spin
like a childhood game
but you're not a child.
Unspin yourself.

Hear the resurrection sounds,
walk in His orchard.
We only saw good
until we asked why.


Diane said...

wow. that's all I can say right now.

Leslie Waddell said...


Lena said...


Julie said...

I echo the WOW! I need to take this poem with me and read it every day.

That second stanza is powerful in both theme and line. The last two are the perfect answer for childish behavior. I love "Unspin yourself."