Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dr. Seuss

I did, in fact, paint whimsical pictures of Dr. Seuss characters on my newly painted bathroom walls. They were cute, but then I painted over them. We just replaced everything in the little bathroom - hardwood floors, new sink and fixtures - and then I turned it into a nursery. I didn't like it. But just to prove it - here are some of the painted over masterpieces:


happyone said...

Wow, you did a great job! It must have been hard to paint over them.

Suzie said...

i can't believe you just painted over them.... wow

SweetAnnee said...

So whimsical, and then to paint over it!!
but when one is can
paint anytime!!

smiles, Deena

Kelly Jene said...

Those are awesome! Such talent!

Edna said...

Your pictures of Dr. Seuss characters are fantastic. I'm glad you took photos before you painted over them.

SOUL: said...

how cool-- i love the doc--
i can't paint a thing-- what a talent-- :))

CJM-R said...

What great paintings. I love the whimsical look. Such talent!

SOUL: said...

just came in to say hello-
happy sunday-