Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Peter Pan Syndrome

The other night we had a discussion about how men in TV sitcoms are usually portrayed as adolescent, insensitive, lacking common sense and just plain stupid. Even though I am a woman, I sometimes object to the fact that men are almost always the village idiots of the television world. (I don't think it's good for young boys to watch these shows thinking they never really have to grow up.)
The next night I took my husband to a fancy upscale restaurant for his birthday. We both enjoy leisurely romantic dinners. I was pleased when we were seated in a quiet corner booth in a secluded area of the restaurant. Two men were in the opposite booth. While devouring our appetizer of mussels one of the men began talking and laughing loudly on a cell phone. Apparently the person he was speaking to was named Asshole. Then there was a commotion and somehow the cell phone ended up behind their booth in an unreachable corner. Pandemonium ensued. Only two words were basically uttered throughout - the aformentioned Asshole and f***. It must have been the most humorous thing that ever happened to them judging by the overly raucous and sustained laughter. The zany escapade went on for quite awhile, bringing servers with flashlights to the area. So much for our romantic dinner.
I really don't know how the phone ended up behind the booth in the first place, but I think it would make quite a realistic television sitcom episode after all.


Kelly Jene said...

I'm sorry, I would have asked to be moved. I couldn't have stood that.

I quite agree with the beginning of your post. And I'm sorry your dinner was ruined.

happyone said...

Just another good reason why we don't own a television!!
Sorry about your romantic dinner being ruined. Maybe the other man took the phone away from him and threw it behind the booth. Though I guess there wouldn't have been laughter - just the bad words.

SOUL: said...

ya me too, sorry bout dinner--did they at least comp the appetizer?
at least you got some amusement, and weren't totally stuffy and angry about it, ya know? that's what would have destroyed the night.

but ya-- men-- or most of them-- never grow up , do they

happy thursday-