Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Solo

It is not easy to sing a solo, even if you know how to sing.
First, for some of us, there are the dreams:
Standing alone, facing a crowd, I am wearing
a transparent flesh-colored nightgown,
my hair ridculous because I couldn't find the shower,
or a brush, my alarm clock failing me.
I run down mysterious, dark hallways
frantically seeking a door - or my music.
I am lost on roads I have never seen.
Strangers won't help, friends are inexplicably mute.
Hopelessly late, unavoidable detained,
now the church is missing.
I open my mouth and nothing comes out.

Back in reality:
I sing along with the CD 257 times.
I kill at rehearsal. I pray relentlessly.
I lie awake that night rechecking my alarm
every fifteen minutes. The morning comes -
awash in lemon tea, cough drops and a gallon of water
I drive the familiar streets making sounds
that resemble an injured blue jay.
Then, like the sun breaking through the clouds
my dormant soprano voice makes a timely appearance.
At the church I respond to 39 queries and good wishes.
Then standing alone, at the crucial moment,
a tiny speck of mucus, like a Who from Whoville
perches atop my left vocal cord and effs it all up.
My eyes water, the world looks and feels surreal.
I look past people and focus on the stained glass windows.
I do the best I can.

For these and many other reasons I am not a professional singer!


Kelly Jene said...

Ah Diane. I'm sure it was beautiful. How nerve wracking! That's why I'm not even in the choir. Knowing my luck I'd creak and crack and ruin a great worship moment!

Mute Monday is all about pics. The Troll (you can find the link in my blog links) picks the topic and then everyone who wants to participate finds pics that suit the topic (using your own "voice") and then comments on Troll's blog "I'm up!" then everyone can go around and see all the various views of the topic. It is a good way to get to know more people out in blogland. You might want to give it a go!

Edna said...

Diane, I wish I could hear you sing. I'm sure you do a great job. May you and your family have a joyous Easter!

I never gave it much thought in the past, but, while the Catholic and Protestant churches of the West celebrate Easter at the same time, the Western church celebrates Easter at a different time. Perhaps next Easter, both the East and the Western Christian churches will agree to celebrate Easter at the same time, rather than weeks apart.
Such unity within the Christian churches should inspire rather than scandalize the other world religions!

Edna said...

Diane, my last sentence was poorly written. I meant to indicate that out present stand on the date of Easter can be scandalous to the other world religions. Whereas, if we unify the date of Easter, our faith is more likely to inspire the members of the other world religions.