Saturday, April 26, 2008

My One True Enemy

There is an enemy
so rude, so invasive.
It forces its way into my life
and takes over.
It looks innocent but
inflicts red heat and torture
to all who dare to come near.
Its essence remains
even when it can no longer be seen.
It robs me of sleep, and
of closeness to the one I love.
It has scarred and abused me
and sullied what's left of my beauty.
When I reach the Pearly Gates
and I meet God face to face
I will ask why, why, O God
did You create poison ivy?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, you got me at the end! I was thinking . . . anger, hate, stuff like that. What a fun poem.

And you've been tagged. See my blog. If you have other things going and don't want to continue the chain, don't worry about it.

happyone said...

Oh, I hear you!! I have had poison ivy quite a few times and it was just awful!!


leaves of three, you let them be!

How does one remove poison ivy from a yard?

Happy Sunday!

SOUL: said...

that's so cute--
but i feel for you..
hope ya feel bettter.

happy sunday

Daughter of Eve said...

My mom is fighting cancer and to add to her fun, she just contracted a whopper of a case of poison ivy. Although the stuff isn't out yet where she lives, it can lie "dormant" in your blood stream and come out when you're feeling a bit stressed or worn. Isn't that fun?

I have a place on my arm that is like a barometer of my stress level and erupts into the heinous bumps when things get a bit lively. Pleasant.