Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Pregnant Man

I just saw some of the Oprah show about the pregnant man in Oregon. Obviously he WAS a woman, took hormones, grew a beard and a small penis (his words). He kept the female reproductive organs, found a woman he loves, they want a baby and the wife had had a hysterectomy. So he's pregnant. A doctor said it's a normal pregnancy, he stopped taking hormones two years ago, the baby's normal - they're thrilled. These two people love each other. They have a nice home - they want a child.
So after the show the news comes on. There's a lead story about how people think it's a hoax, it's sick, the baby will be a freak - COME ON! The man has a woman's body and is having a baby - SO WHAT? Is is just me or are people so reserved and closed-minded they can't see how normal this really is? As Thomas (the man) said - I'm a human being and I have a right to have a biological child. In my opinion yes, he does.


Anonymous said...

I think as long as "a" child is coming into a loving home I'm okay with it. People have children everyday and so many of them are put up for adoption, mistreated and thats if they can even make it to this point(abortion). If people have a problem with this they should really take a step back and look at the big picture. There are many more pressing issues in the world. Take up a cause that will help people not hurt them. People jump at the chance to tell someone what they are doing wrong, but how often do we ever give support when it was never really asked for.

Beaman said...

Seems to be a massive fuss about nothing. There are same sex couples in Europe who have babies. He is basically a woman. The child will probably have to deal with some stigma at school though.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I agree. I didn't see it except later at night I saw a minute, and that's....But there certainly is a lot of talk about it on TV....I heard one doctor say that physically he is not a man, but still a woman....DUH....!
I hope they have a beautiful baby and are very happy for years and years to come.

Cheryl said...

I thought it was a fascinating story and Thomas is a gentle soul. I'm not sure all this publicity will be a good thing. I wish them the best.


I didn't see the Oprah show, but I did see the commercials for it.

To me it doesn't matter because whether one may view as wrong, the other will view as me, building tolerance and respect is the numero uno thing..and quite frankly why are so many people so quick to judge this pregnant person? I bet they'll make better parents then a lot of people I know..besides, there's only one person we need to answer too. :)

This was a very thought provoking post!

I wish I could sum it up as well as you do!


CJM-R said...

I saw the Oprah show. I agree, people are so close minded and have a hard time thinking beyond what they have always known.

Some day this will be more of a norm. Thomas was brave to be the first to go public. He will suffer unfortunately, but he will be paving the way for those who will come after him.

Brave and loving couple and I hope things settle down for them before the baby arrives. I loved how happy the daughters were for them.


Erin O'Brien said...

Hey man, I'm just going to assume that this is going to be a C-section. I have done the whole birth thing and that small penis this guy grew WILL NOT be able to pass a kid.

I'm not a doctor or anything, I'm just sayin' ...