Monday, April 14, 2008

The Wisdom of Willie Wonka

I'm not a big movie person. I like to watch a movie if it's worthwhile and gives me something to think about the next day. I don't see the point in buying movies, and I don't want to spend much time re-watching ones I've seen. Yet, there are movies that, when you're channel surfing, you will always stop and get caught up in - even if you've seen it a dozen times. My husband and I don't typically have the same taste in movies (or anything else), but neither of us can resist watching "Forrest Gump" when it's on. It's like two kids with a video game - we just can't look away. We're fixated. I love the scene when Forrest discovers that he's a father. The look on Tom Hanks' face is stunning. I'm a sucker for Judy singing "Over the Rainbow", and Rhett carrying Scarlet up the staircase to ravish her. I will laugh until tears spill down my face at Jim Carrey beating himself up in the bathroom in "Liar,Liar" or the deer tearing the car apart in "Tommy Boy."

But I've decided my favorite movie scene is from the ORIGINAL Willie Wonka (I adore Johnny Depp -hey, I've still got a hormone or two floating around in there - but even he can't outdo Gene Wilder's Willie Wonka.)

The scene is near the end of the movie when Charlie puts a piece of candy he stole on Willie's desk. Without looking up Willie puts his hand over the candy and says,

"So shines a good deed in a weary world." Love it. Beautiful. Ahhh, now that's a movie scene to remember.

What's your favorite movie scene???? Let me know and I'll make a list.


Foster Communications said...

Am I the only woman who doesn't think Johnny Depp is hot? He really does not do it for me.

For me it's Sound of Music. Gotta watch it every time it's on...

Kelly Jene said...

Gene Wilder definitely does a better Willy Wonka.

At the end of Baby Boom, Diane Keaton walks in to see her adopted daughter on the floor. The little angel looks up and says "Mama!" I know it's not much of a quote but it gets my heart each time and it is a movie I get into no matter what.

SOUL: said...

for me-- and maybe only me--
but it was in the movie-- " the cutting edge"-- an ice skating movie-- i know-- whoda thunk

anyhow it was the movie line that made me realize that i would marry soulman... yep , it's true...

towards the end of the movie-- should i give it away?
ok , i will anyhow--

the skating couple-- are deciding whether or not to do a dangerous trick, that may hurt or kill one of them, or not do it-- while attempting it could win them the championship---- he says to her-- it was she who had become scared and was going to back out...

"you don't have to do this"
she says "yes i do"

he says "why"

before she could answer-- and with soulman sitting next to me .. on one side-- and beleive it or not-- a different guy-- who i knew had a crush on me-- but i didn't like him back-- and soulman and i were sort of in the middle of a break up-- but still "being friends" you know the drill...

so he says "why"

and before she could answer:

i "answered 'with her'

"because i love you" (of course all whispery. i don't think anyone heard me.

but yep-- it was then that i realized i did love soulman..and i was being stupid for breaking up with him..and within a few days we got back together..and within a month we were married.

can we say

? :))

happy tuesday

CJM-R said...

From the Sound of Music when Maria comes back from running away to the convent and the kids are in the yard singing My Favorite Things trying to cheer up because they miss her so much. Maria starts to sing and the children turn to see that she has returned and run to her.

james2285 said...

A little known movie called the worlds fastest indian. Burt Murno played by Anthony Hopkins travels from New Zeland to the bonnivle salt flats to fufill his lifelong dream of seeing how fast his motorcycle will go. When he arives at "the salt" he says to his passenger "all the greats have run here. "This is hallowed ground". he wipes away a tear and all his determination shows through.