Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rambling Tuesday

Kinda tired today after getting home from neighborhood book club at midnight last night. - oops!We watched "No Country for Old Men" after reading the book - can someone explain to me WHY this won Best Picture Oscar? Maybe I missed something besides the guns and killing. So today was busy - I have to prepare for new students in a different building I'm being sent to every afternoon,(starting yesterday), had a meeting to allow one of my students to receive ESY (extended school year) because he's in fifth grade and only knows 90 words and will most likely forget those over the summer. That same boy cried all morning yesterday when I told him I wouldn't be there in the afternoons anymore.) Then another meeting to write an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for another new student. The mother was crying because she also has a learning disability and doesn't want her child to go through what she went through in school. OH YEAH, I forgot! In the middle of that we had a school LOCK-DOWN. This happens when the principal makes an announcement over the PA saying in code that there is an uninvited guest in the building. I was in the library at the computers with 4 kids. We raced into a nearby office, slammed and locked the door, turned off the lights and hid. Another teacher and about 6 other kids were in there. We waited and waited and pretty soon all of us were saying - Ummm - don't think this is a drill. We sat quietly (hey they can be quiet!) for 25 minutes. Turns out someone was in an empty room rooting around for a teacher's purse. He was buzzed in but didn't check into the office. He's in a building teeming with teachers and kids and has to be buzzed in by the camera by the door to steal from a purse??? What a genious!!! The police were there and he was found. In between all that I had lunch with two friends - and oh yeah, I did some teaching too!


Cheryl said...

I read the book before the movie came out. I would have loved to be in on your discussion. I found the book to be so confusing. I looked up the definitions of words describing scenery I'd never heard of. I got confused by the characters. Some had more than one name. I was intent on understanding the story. Then it abruptly ended and I thought, that's it? I had no interest in seeing the movie.

I'm glad the lock-down ended OK. Scary.

Kelly Jene said...

What craziness! I'm glad it was nothing to scary, it sounds like your school has a good system.

I haven't seen the movie and now I won't bother!! Thanks for the info.

bonnie said...

I've heard similar feedback to that movie so I'm likely to pass on it. We had a county wide lockdown last week when a gas station was robbed and the attendant was shot and killed. Do you remember the sniper we had here a few years ago? He killed a woman at the shopping strip where I worked and we were too afraid to go out and buy a soda. That was voluntary lockdown and so so horrible!

CJM-R said...

I had heard that movie was a great deal of violence, so I never wanted to see it, I didn't even know it was a book.

Lock downs are scary. I am in the front of the building so I ususally know what is going on when we end up in one It must have been very nerve wracking to be locked in a room and not knowing why. But it does sound like a good system.

Take care.

happyone said...

Didn't read the book and didn't see the movie.

Wow, you had some day yesterday. Glad things went okay with the lockdown - that is scary now a days!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This lock-down thing sounds like it is a wonderful safety thing, but also semu annoying if it not really needed....!

I agree with you about "No Country..." I had a very hard time with that film..not only because of the huge amount of violence and the fact that everyone of these people were despicible...But, it didn't track for me, at all....AND, I did not understand the ending, at all! I have no idea what that last speech of Tommy Lee Jones' was about....Not A Clue!