Monday, June 30, 2008

Be Ye Glad

I hesitate to print out song lyrics because usually you love a song for the music, melody and lyrics. This song is one of my all-time favorites for all of those reasons. Back in the eighties most of the music I listened to, and the concerts I attended were contemporary Christian artists. I was a youth counselor at my church and the kids were really into Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and many others. I had the opportunity to meet many artists when they would play at colleges and churches in the area. One group I loved was called "Glad" and this was their signature song. I still think it's one of the most beautiful and meaningful songs I know. If you want to hear the song there is a video on You Tube (type in Be Ye Glad). It's kind of a lame video so just close your eyes and listen - or just read these lyrics by Michael Blanchard:
In these days of confused situations
in these nights of a restless remorse
when the heart and the soul of a nation
lay wounded and cold as a corpse.
From the grave of the innocent Adam
comes a song bringing joy to the sad
Oh, your cry has been heard and the ransom
has been paid up in full - be ye glad.
Oh be ye glad,
oh, be ye glad
every debt that you ever had
has been paid up in full
by the grace of the Lord
Be ye glad, be ye glad.
From your dungeon a rumor is stirring
and you have heard it again and again
ah, but this time the cell keys they're turning
and outside there are faces of friends.
And though your body lay weary from wasting
and your eyes show the sorrow they've had
The love that your heart is now tasting
has opened the gates, be ye glad.
So be like lights on the rim of the water
giving hope in a storm sea of night
Be a refuge amid the slaughter
of these fugitives in their flight.
For you are timeless and part of a puzzle
you are winsome and young as a lad
and there is no disease or no struggle
that can pull you from God, be ye glad
Oh be ye glad
oh, be ye glad
Every debt that you ever had
has been paid up in full
by the grace of the Lord.
Be ye glad, be ye glad, be ye glad.


Kelly Jene said...

Amen!! I love that. I haven't heard it, but you bet I will!

EmJayDee said...

Oh I remember this song. One I loved but had forgotten. Will check out the You Tube version as well. Thanks so much!

Foster Communications said...

Lately I've really been listening to lyrics. I'm realizing many songs aren't about what I thought they were about at all!!!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hadn't thought about this song for ages. Thanks for the reminder.

For The People said...

Nice Post. Hope you are having a great blogging week.